Disaster Relief Grant

Disaster Recovery Fund activated in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

On behalf of our county, the Greater Jefferson County Foundation has established the Disaster Recovery Fund (DRF) to support our most negatively impacted populations as they face the effects of COVID-19. The DRF provides an opportunity for the public to give with the reassurance their donations will be used to quickly move resources to where they are most needed and to adapt to evolving needs. The flexibility of the fund will ensure that the community will be able to respond to needs that are not being met by existing non-profit, local, state, and federal programs.

The Greater Jefferson County Foundation Board has committed an immediate $100,000.00 to the DRF. To join us in giving to support our community through these uncertain times, donation checks may be mailed to the Foundation at P.O. Box 1325, Fairfield, IA 52556

The Greater Jefferson County Foundation has amended its annual grant period and application. The 2020 Grant Period will be May 1st with an extended deadline of July 1st. The application has been amended to a one-page application with focus on COVID19 relief. Some grant restrictions have been lifted.  Applications may be found at below.

Dollars received will first focus on disproportionately affected communities by addressing economic needs and health challenges of populations negatively impacted by COVID- 19 related closures and other effects of the outbreak. The long-term application of the fund will focus on additional needs that are not being met by existing non-profit, local, state, and federal programs that will inevitably arise. Grant funds will remain in Jefferson County.

We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but thanks to support of the DRF we have the confidence that we stand ready to meet the challenge. Our community has proven time and time again that we are better together and this collaborative spirit will once again prevail as we support our neighbors in need.

The Foundation may be reached by calling 641-472-0758, or email at gjcf0758@windstream.net. Applications may be found at below.

The Greater Jefferson County Foundation has awarded many community organizations with grants totaling more than $1,790,000 over the last two decades. These grants to local non-profit groups have traditionally been used for capital improvements as well as some operational expenses.  Area communities benefiting from these grants include Fairfield, Batavia, Libertyville, Lockridge, Pleasant Plain, and Packwood. Grant applications are accepted each year beginning May 1st with a deadline of 4:00 PM on July 1st, . Grants are then awarded and distributed in August or September.

Grant Application Information

Read all instructions before filling out application.

  1. Mission Statement: The Greater Jefferson County Foundation receives, accepts, and distributes funds for educational, cultural and charitable purposes for the benefit of the greater community of Jefferson County, Iowa. Our goals are to assist qualified organizations through grant distributions, provide scholarships for post-secondary education and training, encourage individual and corporate involvement through gifts and bequests, and to administer and invest funds for the creation of perpetual opportunities and services.
  2. Official grant applications to non-profit organizations are available this year beginning May 1st, from the foundation office or may be filled out on-line through the Foundation's web site, or may be requested by phone, email or mail (Only official applications forms will be accepted) The completed application forms must be returned to the Foundation office by mail (postmarked), email or FAX to the office address/number no later than 4:00 PM on July 1st.
  3. Grant applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:
    a. Benefit to residents of Jefferson County, IA
    b. Number of residents who will be affected
    c. According to Foundation Board policy, grants are to be used only for capital expenditures, however, some operational projects may be considered if proper documentation is included.
    d. Past grant history to/of your organization, including return of proofs of purchases
  4. The total amount of the annual grant disbursements customarily does not exceed 5% of the fund balance for the Greater Jefferson County Foundation during the fiscal year ending March 31st.
  5. The applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee during July and recommendations are made to the Board of Directors. Action will be taken at a full Board of Director's meeting to distribute the available funds in September. All grant applicants will be notified as to their approval or denial. Checks for the amount granted will be included with the notification of approval. Proof of your purchase (POP) for the capital item or operational expenses  is required within six (6) months of grant distribution (March) (copies of paid invoices will suffice).
  6. Any additional questions should be directed to the attention of Barbara Kistler, administrative assistant at the Foundation office by phone, fax or mail (see below).
  7. Grant recipients will be required to sign a Grant Agreement Contract before disbursement of funds.
  8. All applicants should call or email the Foundation office to confirm receipt of their grant application

Thank you for your interest in The Greater Jefferson County Foundation.

All applications should be faxed, mailed, or emailed to :
The Greater Jefferson County Foundation
P.O. Box 1325     Fairfield, IA 52556
PHONE/FAX: 641.472.0758   Email: gjcf0758@windstream.net


The policies and practices of The Greater Jefferson County Foundation are to carry out all lawful and permitted functions without discrimination because of race, creed, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, or physical or mental disability, and to treat them equally with respect to opportunities for participation as Foundation officers, directors, employees, or agents and as citizens benefiting from or consideration for benefit of the services, grants, programs and activities consistent with the lawful purposes and functions of the Foundation.

It is the policy of the Greater Jefferson County Foundation that all citizens participating in Foundation services, grants, programs, and activities, as well as officers, directors, employees, and agents have the right to function in an environment free from all forms of harassment or gender based bias or prejudice.  The Foundation does not condone, and will not tolerate, any harassment or gender based bias or prejudice.  The Greater Jefferson County Foundation shall take direct and immediate action to prevent such behavior, and to remedy all reported instances of harassment or gender based bias or prejudice, sexual or otherwise.

No qualified individual with a disability will be excluded from participation in The Greater Jefferson County Foundation services, grants, programs, or activities on the basis of a disability.  Information concerning this policy may be obtained in accessible formats by qualified persons with a disability by making appropriate arrangements.  To receive more information or to request an accommodation to participate in the services, programs or activities, please contact:

John A. Morrissey, General Counsel
The Greater Jefferson County Foundation
109 North Court Street
P.O. Box 603
Fairfield, IA  52556
Applications are not accepted at this address.